Pet Spotlight: Meet Lynyrd, Owner of Linda

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They don’t call this simple dog “The Breeze” and he doesn’t live in sweet home Alabama. Give him three steps and you may be wondering about that smell. You got that right. So, you may ask him “What’s your name?” and he might give you a look that says “Don’t ask me no questions,” before Linda, his owner, tells you his name is Lynyrd.

1. What is your name and how long have you been playing Solitaire TriPeaks?

I’d say at least 6 years? Tomorrow my Daily Login Streak will be 1399.

2. What is the name of your pet?


3. What breed or type is Lynyrd?


4. How did he come into your life?

Rescued through a local animal rescue. One sleepless night, I scrolled through IG and came across his pic on their page. He was holding a stuffed giraffe in his mouth (giraffes are my favorite animal) and his name is Lynyrd, as in Lynyrd Skynyrd (his brothers name), which is one of my favorite bands. It was fate.

5. What’s the cutest thing Lynyrd does?

Everything he does is cute even when he’s being stubborn.

6. What’s the one thing you wish he would stop doing?

Growing older.

7. Aww… How does Lynyrd encourage you to keep playing TriPeaks?

If it were up to him, I wouldn’t. All attention would be focused on him and he’s not sorry about it.

8. What’s the funniest story you have about something he’s done?

I need to wear a GoPro because with the things this dog does people think I’m making it up. I’m not. I swear he is a human that was cursed by a swamp witch.

He even sits like a human in the car (and he always wears a seat belt. Safety first!)

9. Are you in a Club? If so, do they all know Lynyrd?

I am and some do.

10. Do you have any final words you’d like to share?

My dog is the bestest but my final words are: Adopt, foster, rescue, spay & neuter!

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