Pet Spotlight SPECIAL! Meet “Pinup Cats” Curator, Cyndee!

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Every once in a while we discover that we have someone who loves our game and is a bit of a celebrity. This week, we’re incredibly delighted to bring such a player to you!

Smeagol, from last year's Halloween Contest

Last Halloween you may remember that we held a Halloween Costume contest. One of the categories was “Pet Costumes” and this pet owner’s hairless cat, Smeagol, pictured here in a little bitty, teeny-weeny, yellow polka-dotted bikini, tied for third place.

Turns out Cyndee is very much dedicated to Sphynx cats and even runs a site called Pinup Cats to celebrate them! We’re incredibly delighted to be able to highlight her, a few of her cats, and learn more about this most interesting breed!

1. What is your name?

Cyndee Hill – I am a member of Misfit Mountain

2. What are the names of your cats?

Poopsie, Pikachu, Happy Jack, Spunky, Tompok and Retunda

Poopsie3. How did you come across them?

They were all born in my home – I have been a Sphynx Preservation breeder for many years and the Cat Fancier’s Association’s Sphynx Breed Council secretary for the last 8 years. Sphynx are considered a rare breed of cat and it’s important to know the pedigree’s, show standards and genetic health risks before breeding them.

4. How did your interest in Sphynx cats originate?

The first time I was introduced to a Sphynx cat was in 1990, at a CFA Cat Show held in Georgia. It was love at first sight and I knew I would eventually adopt one into my household. After getting my first Sphynx, Smeagol, I was hooked and have now spent many years showing and educating the public about this wonderful breed. You can see many of them at my site:

5. What are a few myths about Sphynxes would you like to dispel?

Here are the most common myths: they are not hypoallergenic, some people are even more allergic to them than they are cats with fur. They are not low maintenance. Sphynx need regular bathing as they have no hair to absorb the oils their body produces, much like people. They are not completely hairless, they have a very fine down/ peach fuzz that cover’s their body. They may look grumpy, but Sphynx cats are among the most affection of cat breeds.

6. What’s one thing that surprised you about owning and admiring Sphynxes?

They don’t really act like cats. They are more like a dog, monkey and 2 year old child all rolled into one!

7. What’s the cutest or funniest thing you’ve seen your cats do?

They are very smart! They play fetch like a dog, know how to open up the doors and cabinets in my house and some of them even like to go swimming in the water.

8. What’s one thing you wish that your cats would NOT do?

I wish they would not steal food off my plate! They are mischievous cats and if you don’t watch it, they will grab your dinner in a flash and take off with it. One of my cats loves Brussels sprouts and if she sees them on your plate, she will wait until you are not looking, run up, grab one and take off with it! I could understand if it was fish or chicken, but a Brussels sprout?

9. Do your cats help you in anyway while you play Solitaire TriPeaks?

They find the moving cards fun to watch and bat at my screen as the cards wiz by. Sometimes they bat at the wrong time and mess up my game. I still love them though, even if they cause me to lose.

10. Do you have anything else you’d like to say to the Solitaire TriPeaks community?

Love playing the game, it’s a great way to relax after a long day at work. So happy to have found a great team to join too. I hope everyone who is part of the Solitaire TriPeaks community stays healthy and safe during these stressful times.


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