Play “Hooray for Halloween” to Win the RED MONSTER CHEST!

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Can you hear the scratching and clawing?… That’s the sound of the Hooray for Halloween event trying to get you! 

If you complete all four events this week, you’ll end up with the RED MONSTER CHEST! You know the one – it’s the chest in the corner that’s been making those weird noises. They say it’s full of awesome goodies, but we’re too scared to open it… so we want YOU to have it.

All you have to do is complete each of these 4 events this week:

1)  10/28 – Hooray For Hearts
2)  10/29 – Pick Your Event
3)  10/31 – Lost Jacks
4)  11/1 –   Pick Your Event

You’ll receive one point per completed event, and 11/1, the last day, you will receive the RED MONSTER CHEST! The following day, well… we don’t know what will happen once you open the RED MONSTER CHEST…