Player Ghost Stories: House-sitting with a Ghostly Little Boy!

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Imagine being a teenager making some money house-sitting. Seems like a dream job! You can do your homework, watch TV, play with the house cat, and get paid! But what if that particular house is also occupied by another being? Let’s find out…

1. What is your name?


2. Are you in a Club?

I am not in a Club yet. I’m busy starting a new job, so my playing time is limited for now.

3. Who’s your favorite TriPeaks Solitaire character?


4. Excellent choice. Now tell us your story:

My sisters and I had a few “ghostly” encounters when we were younger (well, much younger, we were in our teens and early twenties and we’re now in our fifties).

We used to house-sit as a side job. Sometimes we were alone, sometimes together. The story I’m going to share was a house-sitting job in our small town where my younger sister and I ‘sat’ together.

A few odd things occurred right from the start – a light that was on one night as we were pulling into the driveway turned off. Then one evening, we heard the distinct sound of a basketball being bounced on concrete right outside the kitchen window. We looked outside the window, neither of us remembering there being a driveway or sidewalk there. There was nothing there but grass. We dismissed it, but didn’t forget it.

One night later that week, we were downstairs in the basement watching a movie. All of a sudden, their cat came booking down the stairs looking and acting terrified. Then we heard footsteps running back and forth upstairs. We started yelling “you’re not scaring us!” and “we’re not afraid of you!” Seconds later, someone started stomping on the floor (ceiling for us) directly above our heads, very hard and loudly. We looked at each other, then began yelling “Ok, ok, you’re scaring us, we’re scared!! Stop, please stop!!” We called our dad and he came right over and searched the whole house from top to bottom. Of course, he found no one or nothing.

How or why we stayed in that house for the remainder of our house-sitting job, I’ll never know. When the owners came home, we told them what happened. Mrs. S did not look at us like we were crazy, but what she replied shook us to our core. First, she apologized for “forgetting” to tell us that the house was haunted. She then proceeded to tell us that there was an unsolved murder at that house many years prior. A little boy was murdered there. There was a suspect, a young man that lived nearby at the time, but the murder was never solved. Mrs. S. told us that she felt the little boy’s spirit was benign, just mischievous. Unfortunately, this was not the first nor the last of the ghostly encounters we’ve experienced. But it was one of the scariest at the time.

5. Would you say this experience changed your life? If so, how so?

I’m not sure it changed my life exactly, but it did change my outlook on ghosts (I was already a believer due to previous experiences). I believed Mrs. S. that the little boy ghost was a benign spirit. I tried not to let every experience after that terrify me. There weren’t a lot, but there were a few more.

6. Would you want to have the experience again?

Probably not. During the bright daytime I might say yes, but at nighttime, I’d definitely say no.

7. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Not at this time.

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