Player Ghost Stories: She Didn’t Like the New Tenant…

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As October strolls along, so, too, do the many stories we’ve received from many players. Today, Wendy M. recalls the old house her aunt lived in that was once owned by a relative who apparently didn’t much care for her… and would let her know in some interesting ways…

1. What is your name? 

My name is Wendy M.

2. Are you in a Club? If so, which one? 

I am a member of The Hannon Crew club.

3. Who’s your favorite Solitaire TriPeaks character? 

My favorite character is Poi, of course. 🙂

4. Okay… now tell us your story…

I absolutely love Halloween and anything paranormal, and I suppose that it probably has a little something to do with this exact story.

When I was a small girl in the early 1980s, my mother and I would often spend our weekends with my Aunt (her sister) and cousin while my father, brothers and uncle would go hunting and camping.

My aunt and uncle had recently moved into a small house in a country area, that was previously owned by a family member of the uncle’s that had passed away.

My mother thought nothing of being asked to stay the weekends, my aunt was several years younger than her and didn’t like to spend the evenings alone, so being the big sister that my mother always had been it wasn’t even an issue… Until it was.

My aunt had mentioned several times before that the family member that had passed didn’t like her. My aunt also felt a bit strange about living in her home. She felt as if she was possibly upsetting the deceased lady, and to make it even more uncomfortable, the lady was buried at a graveyard that was the next plot of land over from the house and her grave could be seen from the kitchen window, and two different bedroom windows. I didn’t know this when we would stay there.

Not long after they had moved into the home my aunt insisted that odd things had already started happening. Kitchen chairs would randomly be slid from under the table, things would be moved out of place, doors would, strange noises could be heard, and even a pair of shoes tumbled across the living room floor by themselves as my aunt and uncle watched it happen. My mother would always assure her that it was nothing more than her imagination and ease her fears.

I was pretty young and only understood what was happening with a child’s understanding, so when I would get frightened by what I had heard from my aunt, my mother would assure me that there were no ghost and no reason to be afraid.

I always believed her until the night my cousin and I were playing in her bedroom. The lights were on, the doors were open and the curtains on the window were pulled open. It had gotten dark outside as we played, and we could see nothing but the darkness outside because of the brightness of the light inside the bedroom.

We weren’t concerned about the darkness, or what was beyond the window because we were just little girls playing with dolls and jumping around, being loud.

Our evening took a very odd turn as we were playing though. It was as if we both just turned towards the window for no reason at all, but it seemed like something had called our names.

There, surrounded by darkness, but almost glowing itself, was the blue, somewhat distorted face of a thing that looked like it had once been an elderly lady. It was just hovering there with no body, no neck… Just a face with these piercing eyes. I could hardly tell you what nose or mouth really looked like because I couldn’t look past the eyes.

I don’t know how long the face stayed there, or if anything about the face changed. My cousin and I started screaming these loud cries and running to find our mothers.

We both described the lady exactly the same, though it wasn’t there when our mothers returned to the room with us. Our description supposedly matched the lady who had owned the home. The bedroom was one that faced towards the graveyard, and her grave could easily be seen from the window, but neither my cousin or I knew that until after this happened.

I remember my aunt and uncle moving soon after that evening, so I don’t recall any other experiences and I haven’t talked about it a lot, but my cousin has brought it up a very few times in the last 35 or so years… We don’t talk about it too much, it’s almost as if we just have this strange little bond that we need to mention occasionally to make sure that it really happened.

5. Would you want to have the experience again?

This may seem silly to many, but I do think that helped shape who I am. I know that it’s the reason that I love hearing about ANYTHING paranormal, but I also know that it helped me see that life and beyond are pretty amazing because it seems that anything, good or bad, can happen. I wouldn’t change the experience, but me as a little girl probably would.