Tiki or Treat Rescue Mission: A Highly Haunted Halloween!

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Do you hear whispers in the wind? Do you feel a cool breath on your shoulder? Was that mist? Or… is… that a GHOST?! Oh dear, it looks like the Haunting Season has begun, and we need a Rescue Mission to save the Mini-Tikis!

AND WHAT’S MORE? You will be rewarded handsomely with HAUNTINGLY HUGE BONUSES that appear BETWEEN levels as you work your way through this ghostly mission! For instance, finish Level 4 and receive a sweet Wood Chest that’s heartily haunted with GOODIES! And you’ll see more bonuses as you continue!













While out Trick or Treating, the Mini-Tikis began to feel like they were being followed. Strange footsteps behind them, whispered words a little too close to their ears to be deemed “nothing. Scary wails and light touches on the shoulders. Seems pretty normal for trick or treating, no?

Actually – NO! After some further investigation it became apparent that they were being followed by some frightfully famished phantoms! These greedy ghosts hunger for the sweet joy of Halloween treats and must be stopped or they will steal all of the Mini-Tikis candy! 

Won’t you please help them? 

How? Simply join the “Tiki or Treat” Rescue Mission:

Then hit the “GO” button to play the Rescue Mission Levels to rescue as many of them as you can:

You’ll see the sweet wee Mini-Tikis trying ever so gallantly to avoid the greedy ghosts, but they only have a little time before the ghosts take their candy, and the wee Mini-Tikis are thrown into another card, only to suffer the same fate.

UNLESS YOU HELP THEM! Simply play those cards, and quickly too, so that they may enjoy the candied goodness they work so hard to collect!

You’ve got to play quick! Sometimes there’s more than one who needs your help! Don’t miss any opportunity to help the Mini-Tikis! Note the Jack of Diamonds card below has ONE SECOND LEFT! You’ll want to play that one first, otherwise you’ll be forever wondering what tasty delight this poor Mini-Tiki missed out on!

The object is to play the cards quickly so that the greedy ghosts don’t get all the goodies, so move quickly!

The more Mini-Tikis you help train, the more rewards you earn.  After a certain number of levels, you’ll get to play the Match Game for some sweet, sweet rewards. You must match THREE items. For example, in the images below, you can see in the second picture that three flowers were matched, awarding the player 15,000 Coins!



You’ll see how many Mini-Tikis you’ve collected and how many more you need for that level before the beginning of each round:

It’s a mission of frighteningly fast fingers, scarily smart strategy, and fearsomely frenetic fun! Go save some Mini-Tikis!