Player Tribute: Meet Brent from Freeky Treehouse

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To kick off this year’s Player Tributes, we start with this leader’s nomination of one of her Clubmates, Brent. This Club, whose very name encourages solidity, growth, rebirth, with a twist of uh… okay, they call themselves Freeky Treehouse… and they apparently make it Brent’s job to make sure they live up to the first word in the name.

1. What is your name?

Teresa (Tree)

2. Who is deserving of this recognition?

Brent (B-Mizzou)

3. How do you know this person?

He joined my Club last August after following some friends that joined.

4. Why do you feel Brent deserves recognition?

He encourages chat, a great player. He also likes to sing songs, and used to be a DJ in the chat. He has also played trivia and bought Club gifts for the team if a player got the trivia question correct.

5. If you were at an awards show, handing Brent a “Golden Tiki” for his amazing work as a Solitaire TriPeaks player, what would you say?

“I would like to recognize this player for trying to keep the game positive and fun. I love that this Club and the players mean as much to him as they do to myself. He always steps up when I need him to. Thank you for all you do!”

6. And what joke would you tell?

I would just say: “… mmmm hmmmm.” Usually makes him smile lol

7. If you could have Brent come visit you for a day, where would you take him and what would you do?

Well, it is Christmas time… so would take him to see the Christmas lights. There is also a small zoo that is decorated for Christmas and has reindeer and Santa’s workshop. He likes cheese curds and beer so would take him to Hairy Cow for woodfire pizza and the best cheese curds. Plus they have a microbrewery.

8. What else do you know about Brent?

I know he has a job he doesn’t love, but goes to work every day. No kids. He likes beer, fishing and playing tripeaks.

9 Are you both in the same TriPeaks Club? If so, which one?

Yes, we are, for over a year we have played together in FreekyTreehouse

10. Any final words you’d like to share with the rest of the Solitaire TriPeaks Community?

I think our Club is amazing. The players make the Club what it is. It was very hard to pick just one person from my Club to highlight… We are a chatty group that are like a family. I would also say you would be lucky to have Brent be a part of your Club… but sorry he can’t leave us 🙂

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