Player Tribute: Meet Donna from The III Group

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Happy 2022! We’re kicking off this new year with a very nice Player Tribute from Amy to Donna! The rest of the Club may feel like it’s a true crime that they’re so close, but that’s on them. Read on to find out why…

1. What is your name?

Amy (TeamIIIDoll in game)

2. What is the name of the person deserving recognition?

Donna (DonnaLovesThisTeam)

3. How do you know Donna?

We are in the same Club.

4. Why do you feel she deserves recognition?

She is the BEST leader, she helps out any newcomers and she takes the time to explain EVERYTHING anyone asks of her.

5. If you were at an awards show, handing them out a “Golden Tiki” for her amazing work as a Solitaire TriPeaks player, what would you say?

I would say she and I are so much alike, and I’d thank her for listening to my podcast & giving me great feedback!

6. And what joke would you tell?

To the only person who talks to me in team chat about true crime!!! We must annoy everyone else!!

7. If you could have her come visit you for a day, where would you take her and what would you do?

I would take her to Washington, DC. To help her find her son.

8. What else do you know about Donna?

She is married, her and her husband own their own business, she has kids amd her husband homeschools her daughter.

9. What’s the name of the Club that you are both a part of?

The III Group

10. Any final words you’d like to share with the rest of the Solitaire TriPeaks Community?

Donna is a wonderful person and has gone through some tough times in life. I think she handles her team and her life with the utmost grace!

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