Poi Meets Joi! A Player-Authored Story of Love…

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One day Poi was taking a stroll along the beach.

It was a cloudless morning, a promise of sunshine all day long. Poi loved hunting for treasure on these bright days. As Poi rounded the corner, he spied another dog! He did a double take, looked straight at this “other dog.” How did it get here? Did it fall overboard? Was it abandoned? 

What was this dog doing! Digging for treasure?! Or BURYING treasure? This was Poi’s island! How dare this… this mongrel… dig or bury for anything on Poi’s island. On Poi’s favorite morning trail, even. In the exact same spot Poi was planning his next dig! Outrageous!

“You there!” Poi, growled menacingly, “what are you doing?”

“Nice to meet you,” she said turning towards him, “I was getting a little nervous being out here alone.”

He thought to himself: “This is the most perfect sight! I must learn her name!! She is perfect!” It was love at first sight. Finally, after a few moments of being stunned, he pulled himself together.

“Hello, I’m Poi. How in the world did you get here all by yourself?”

“I’ve come from another island… Cretaceous Crossing. I’ve been sad on one of the beaches, all alone and wondered why no one came there. So I decided to go elsewhere. And I’m so glad I did.”

“I am, too. What are you digging for?” Poi asked.

“Digging? No… burying. Why don’t you come dig it up and see?”

Poi decided this is exactly what he would do, and gently moved to begin digging where this beautiful creature had just been. As he dug, he felt a familiar metallic feel… round and at one point, sharp… and it was EXACTLY what he needed to finish the last game he’d played… still sitting on his tablet, long after he’d given up hope of getting his Speed Star. A beautiful Shark Hook.

“It’s a Shark Hook!” he excitedly exclaimed.

“My favorite Booster, as I’m quite scared of sharks.” she looked at him with her mesmerizing emerald eyes.

He just stood there looking at her, unable to speak. Unable to move.

Finally, she stood up, came face to face with him, wagging her tail like crazy. They played and talked most of the day and when it was time for Poi to leave, he told his new friend, “I’m gonna call you Joi, just because you are such a joy to be with. I can’t leave you here all by yourself. Joi, you are coming home with me.”

And so the adventures of Poi and his new best friend, Joi, begin.


Huge thanks to the following folks for contributing to this fun little story:

Theresa Potts
Debra K Linstrom
Karen McCabe
Melissa Tully
Theresa Love
Debra Godsey
Shaunna Hunt
Laurie Kelso-Houston
Sandra Sikes
Carol Par
Gail Melton
Bobbi Smith
Carol Burnett-Webb
Dawn Christ
Joyce Cooke
Karen Mike Rinn
Janet Scott Wandell