Solitaire TriPeaks to Retire the Kahuna Rewards Program

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On 06/07/2018 the Kahuna Rewards program (including Luaus) will be removed from the game while we make improvements. We’ve learned a great deal from the program, and we will be taking that knowledge and applying it an improved rewards program to be launched at a future date.

So, as of our most recent update players who were part of our Kahuna Rewards Program will no longer be able to purchase Luaus, but will be able to continue to enjoy the other benefits of the program. On 06/07/18, the program will be retired entirely, and will no longer be available.

Why are we doing this?

As part of our process, we continually develop and test new programs that we hope will improve the gameplay experience.  Sometimes these programs don’t work out as we hoped, and we need to make changes. In this case, we need to make some substantial changes to the program, and we believe it would not be fair to continue making this program available to a small group of players but not others, so we’re removing the program while we re-work it.

While we do recognize that this will not sit well with many of the players who have enjoyed the Kahuna Rewards program, we are unable to provide refunds to players.  However, we will make every reasonable effort to make accommodations in some fashion to satisfy players who have purchased Luaus that extend beyond the sunset date.

What about my purchases?

All players who have participated in the Kahuna Rewards program who have made purchases have already received some extra benefits with those purchases.  For more recent purchases, we’ll work to make sure players are reasonably compensated. 

What about my extra Luau Days? 

We won’t be able to extend Luaus so that they are active beyond the Kahuna sunset date. However, we will work to accommodate players who have already purchased Luaus that extend beyond 06/07/2018.

What can you tell us about the replacement rewards program?

At this time, we’re not able to disclose anything about the replacement program. We have learned a great deal from the Kahuna Rewards program, and we’ll be applying what we’ve learned to the new program. We’ll also be talking to players so that we have a better understanding of what will work in the future program.