Club Spotlight: BeachBayou

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This year sure hasn’t been easy. Thankfully a few folks on the front lines in the pandemic have found respite with this tight-knit group of TriPeaks adventurers. They support their members and still manage to fluctuate between the Platinum and Diamond leagues! No easy feat!

1. What is the name of your Club, what league are you in, and who is your Club Leader?

BeachBayou, alternating between Platinum and Diamond each week, Natty

2. And who is your Club Co Leader?

Cruise Nut, Nita, Kristine, Mama Jean

3. How long has your Club been around? 

Can’t say for sure but sometime around February 2019

4. What’s your motto? 

On the actual game it says “welcome! Active, daily players please 20,000min/week & read20200622_Frogonporch club notes” but I think a true motto that would fit our team is ” Work together, Win together, Stay together, Strive for better” 

5. What do you talk about in the Chat Channel?

Just about everything. We talk about the game and encourage people to play, complete Quests and try to build strong teamwork but we also talk about life, have funny moments, share stories and continue to get to know each other.

6. What are some things you all have in common?

Most of us either have kids, grandkids or fur babies and while we range from people in school to retirees, we all find joy and have humor while playing the game but at heart we also all have a competitive nature and work to make our Club family stronger! And let’s not forget the dedication we all have… We had one person who had to do single parenting while husband went to NYC hospital to help with pandemic; we have a mortician who is seeing and dealing with the worst lately; someone who, while working from home, is also helping babysit young children; and several with long work hours and commitments but no matter what they still find whatever time they can to get on and relax while escaping all the real world stress for a few.

7. Who’s the hardest working Club Member?

Hard to say just one person we have several hard working members and it varies depending on how busy each person is at times but would like to give a shout out to Ace who puts up well over 100k each week and is a newer member we picked up in April 2020 and are so glad we did! 

8. Who in your Club lives the furthest away from everyone else, and where is that? 

Thanks to this question we were able to learn even more about each other! While we all do live in the states, I found out most of us live in more of the eastern states from Louisiana over (with 5 of us living in Ohio) but we do have 3 living in the west, one in California, one in Washington and one in Idaho!

9. Who’s the funniest member of your Club and why?

We’ve all had our moments but I’d say between Nita and Cruise Nut when their husbands interrupt their gameplay! I remember one time Nita had the whole Club cracking up when her husband interrupted her game during a 30 min free play and she decided she was going to use his credit card to buy something in the game to compensate. 

10. Is there something you’d like to say to the Solitaire TriPeaks Community? If so, what?

This game really brings people together and once you find an amazing Club you can build great friendships with strangers from all over and it will make all the difference. There is a team out there for everyone and once you find yours you’ll find a whole new love and drive to play the game!

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