Club Spotlight: do it 4 fun II

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We can only assume that “do it 4 fun II” had so much fun in their First Club, that when they had no other choice but to recreate the Club, they chose the same name, only adding the “II” to indicate it was the second. In this case, it does sound like the sequel was better than the original!

1.What is the name of your Club, what league are you in, and who is your Club Leader?

TEAM NAME: do it 4 fun II
LEAGUE: We switch between platinum and gold

2. And who is your Club Co Leader?

CLUB CO LEADER: We have 6 long time Co Leaders, 4 from our original team – Rob, Robin, AspaSia and Twiggy. And 2 from after we moved
-Ben and Melissa!

3. How long has your Club been around?

We have been around for over 3 years, nobody seems to remember the exact date!

4. What’s your motto?

“Stay active and play like a team!”

5. What do you talk about in the Chat Channel?

In chat we mostly keep to game stuff!

6. If your Club was a song, what song would it be?

WINNING by Santana- “I’m winning and I don’t intend on losing again”

7. What’s one word that will set your Club into hysterics?

he one word that sends us into hysterics is FREDS!! It reminds us of an ex-player with a quirky personality!!

8. What’s something that’s unique or especially interesting about your Club?

We had to restart our team when our first leader just up and disappeared! We planned a time and all jumped over to our new team!

9. Who in your Club lives the furthest away from everyone else, and where is that?

Although I can’t say I know for sure where everyone is from I believe it would be Lisa who lives in Australia!

10. Who’s the funniest member of your Club and why?

Rob, he was a way with word play! Although Melissa can be a hoot also!

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