Club Spotlight: Dunedain!

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Named after fictional characters from a very popular story, this Club is set to make an impression! Whether it’s their previous motto, or the ear-worm that you’re likely to get after you read their answers, this Club has character, personality – and from the looks of it – a lot of fun!

1. What is the name of your Club, what league are you in, and who is your Club Leader?

We are Club Dunedain (The Heroic Rangers from Lord of the Rings; Named by the Club Founder Halbarad who sadly left the Club in February because he no longer had time to play)

We are in Diamond league and currently sitting in first place so we hope to get our first foray into Legend League. Pete’s Girl is the Club Leader.

2. And who is your Club Co Leader?

Nine of our members have earned Co-leader status: Urn, KB, Treg, Deebee, Mommy Danielle and her daughter Brooke, Gogo, Moiijo and our newest Co-leader Kris.

3. That’s a Lotta Leada! How long has your Club been around?

Club Dunedain was started in April of 2019

4. What’s your motto?

For the last year it was “SUAVITER IN MODO, FORTIER IN RE” (Gently in Manner, Strongly in Deed). And that accurately describes our incredible group of players. We recently updated our motto to the even more profound “New players must read the Club Notes, reply in chat to accept Club requirements”.

5. Hilarious. What do you talk about in the Chat Channel?

First Rule of Club Dunedain is you don’t talk about Club Dunedain… not really, like most Clubs, a majority of our conversations revolve around the game. We are a very supportive and encouraging team. We have some fun and interesting threads that get going sometimes. Everything from home life, work, politics, the pandemic, vacations and not being able to sleep. There’s also Late Night Larry and Clutch but you don’t want to hear about that.

6. If your Club was a song, what song would it be?

“The Final Countdown”. Not so much because it’s possibly the end of the world or anything but because the song repeats “The Final Countdown” 16 times! We are very much on top of how much time is left for Perks, Challenges and Quest and repeat these statistics OFTEN.

7. What’s one word that will set your Club into hysterics?

TRIBUTES! Whether it’s a Tributes Gem Quest (Which we love) or the Volcano threatening to blow even though we just fed it a gazillion Tributes (could be a slight exaggeration) our whole team gets in a frenzy.

8. What’s a special talent that your Club’s leader has that makes it fun to be in this Club?

I’m just gonna say, as the Club leader, I am pretty freaking awesome! Seriously, what makes it so much fun to be in this Club is that no one needs a “leader”. I take care of the administrative stuff but if I am not on, without missing a beat Treg, KB, Mommy Danielle, Moiijo or another team member steps right in.

9. Has your Club ever helped anyone through some difficult times?

In March, I was having a difficult time playing because I wasn’t feeling well. Several members are in the medical profession they encouraged me to contact my doctor. They feared I might have Covid-19 and they were right. I spent the next 6 weeks in isolation and feeling pretty miserable but my teammates stepped up to cover for me when necessary and kept me company when no one else could. I owe them a lot but don’t tell them that… they’ll expect Club Gifts or something. ; )

10. We won’t say a word, they’ll never know! What are your Club members known for sharing?

Club Gifts! These are the most generous humans. We get at least 2 Club Gifts a week and not just when a member buys Club gifts to replenish their Coins… but if we have members struggling to complete Quest, Club gifts appear. Now that’s team spirit right there!

Is there something you’d like to say to the Solitaire TriPeaks Community? If so, what?

We have found success by having a few simple Club Requirements and having every member agree upfront to follow them. Completing Every Club Quest as a team, is essential. If everyone is doing their share on CQ’S, everything else works out and there’s no drama. All members reply in chat when they max and we keep a running tally in Club Notes. We’ve only missed 3 out of the last 40. Also, we have found that insomniacs make awesome Solitaire TriPeaks players. 🙂

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