Club Spotlight: Tiki Freaks

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Just 11 days after Valentine’s Day, we stumble across this – the makings for a Valentine’s Day biopic for the Hallmark Channel. A couple of these “Tiki Freaks” discovered love in Tiki Paradise!

1. Name of the Club and the Club Leader

We are Tiki Freaks and ably lead by Kat AZ

2. Who are the Club Co Leaders

Janeen, Furry Fuzz and Mel

3. How long has the Club been around

Since September 2017, one original member still remains but other long term dedicated members form the team

4. What is the Club Motto

To have fun, make sure you engage in numerous chat and chase off the zombies trying to steal our hard earned riches

5. What do you talk about in chat

It would have been easier to ask what we don’t talk about, Jeezo, they are nearly all women and never shut up… lol, seriously though we have the budding romance within the group, Mark and Jax met and fell in love, it’s fun to watch them grow

6. What are some things you have in common

Mmmmm, Jax and Mark have much in common but censorship puts and end to revealing more.  The whole team are in sync with each other and have a great teamwork ethic

7. How would you describe your strategy

Basically to start on Friday and do not dare to give up until the next Thursday, no eating or sleeping – but you can drink…

8. Who is the hardest working member

Tough question, we all have differing amounts of time to dedicate to the game and so to remain diplomatic and to come out of this with all my bits intact, we all do our bit and work equally hard… I’ll be in tears soon…. lol, big call out for Jim for cheerleading and for Theresa for scoring points impossibly fast.

9. Who is the funniest

Kat for her lack of textiles, Jim for his attempts at coming to grips with Facebook and keyboards, and Houseman for his cheekiness, humor is never far away from the team

10. Is there something you would like to say to the solitaire Tripeaks community

Yes, pleas give generously to Jax and Marks wedding fund, cash welcome but no freaking toasters!

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