Mom in the Spotlight – Two Daughters Introduce Linda!

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In our final “Mom in the Spotlight”, we have not ONE, but TWO daughters paying tribute to their mom and also a bit to their dad, because this whole family plays the game – and even in the same Club! That’s one great way to stay close!

1. What is YOUR name?

Elizabeth and Ketta

2. What is your MOM’S name?


3. How did you both discover Solitaire TriPeaks?

Me and my Sister. Mom doesn’t like her picture taken!

Family referred us.

4. Are you both in Clubs? Are you in the SAME Club?

We have four members in the same club – sister, myself, mom, and dad – Lucky Tiki

5. How does Solitaire TriPeaks help your relationship?

We may live in different parts of the state, but TriPeaks gives us a family event that we do to stay in contact.

6. Have you ever had an argument over the game?

No. We all enjoy playing the game.

7. Be honest – who is the better player?

Mom is better, then dad, then sister, and I the worst at playing.

8. What’s your favorite “Mom” story?

Mom keeps beating dad to be the Club champion. Mom has always been very supportive and has worked hard as a military spouse to keep us together as a family from childhood to being adults. One time she kicked a pumpkin and ended up being called Pumpkin toe.

9. What’s your mom’s favorite story about you?

When I was a child, we were in the train station (Stresa) in Frankfurt. I leaned over to my mother and as quietly as possible said “Mom, what does” then in German, and in a louder voice, said “Help me please” then a quiet voice again said “mean”. A German police officer was standing close. My mother was embarrassed.

10. Do you have any final thoughts you’d like to share with the Solitaire TriPeaks Community?

Solitaire Tripeaks is an amazing game that’s turned into a family event by my family. Thank you for creating it! My mother doesn’t like to have her picture taken, but she has had both of her daughters win pageants.