Player Spotlight: Meet Brandy A!

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This week’s player in the spotlight is an inspiration. Her story isn’t an easy one to read, but it’s obvious that her strong will and desire to always do the right thing makes it one with a uniquely happy ending. Enjoy the ride…

1. When did you discover Solitaire TriPeaks?

I’m pretty sure it was Sept of 2018 but, I’ve logged in for 308 days which means I’ve logged in daily since Oct 13, 2018. It probably took me a minute to realize exactly how it works. Knowing that I need to login daily and have Club quests that others are needing me to do.

2. Who is your favorite Solitaire TriPeaks Character?

I really like the Golden Tiki Boy. He mentioned liking me too and not liking when he has to go away. I hate to hurt his feelings and do all I can to get him back as fast as possible.

3. What’s your favorite Booster?

Oh, now, boosters are all good when they’re needed. The Wilds are best if that counts. Who couldn’t use a Wild at all times? Then the Trap Torch comes in very handy, too, so you don’t need double the cards.

4. Are you in a Club?

Oh yes! The Best! They’re called Loyalty and I joined by some fluke, yet couldn’t be happier and will not ever leave! I had been in a Club for 5 months, was a CoLeader and always in the Top 3 each week with several that talked each day. One minute it’s the last day of the tournament and I’d been in chat, went to read and saw all new names. What? I did not wanna start over proving myself or getting to know people but, in no time I fell in love with my team! They all make great points & work together on Club Quests and are encouraging, kind, sweet, caring, teamwork, etc. They really are the best. My old team found me and sent me an invite just 1.5 weeks after whatever happened, but I love the new team and feel like I lucked into becoming part of. It was meant to be I’m pretty sure.

5. What’s something you wish you knew when you first started playing?

Wow. I still learn all the time. Only about a month or so ago I found out how to get more tributes faster which would have been a big help to know earlier.

6. What are you known for saying?

“I’m Chillaxin.” “Whatcha Doin?”

7. Who is your hero or heroine?

My Dad is the person I look up to most. I’ve yet to find a guy that measures up. The kind of Dad he was growing up was priceless and he took in three kids that weren’t his. He put all 5 kids first and tried to show us, teach us and talk to us about anything we needed. He never said he was too tired, but had us learning, going and doing nonstop. He provided, he loved, he taught & was always trying to lead us the right way.

8. Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“Don’t look in the rear view mirror because you’re not headed that way.” There’s nothing we can do about our past but learn from it. Tomorrow are today is where our focus should be. “No one is promised tomorrow.”

9. What’s your greatest achievement?

I’ve done a lot that I’m proud of but, nothing compares to being a mom of an amazing son who keeps me on my toes. He just turned 13 and it’s always been just the two of us so we’re super close. He’s so fun, sweet, intelligent, with a huge imagination, a big heart and he’s caring, loving, etc… And he’s stubborn, messy and hard headed too. Lol.

10. What’s your favorite way to give back to your community?

I’m a caregiver for my Mom with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I am a single Mom who has never seen a penny of help and have done it alone. My son is from an abusive relationship of 5 years (when I took a break from the depo shot, he poked holes in the condom to get me pregnant to try to get me to stay with him) and I had to leave the house I’d bought at 21 years old (and paid off in 3 years) just to get away from him. Getting out of an abusive relationship and starting over as a single mom has been a challenge in itself and I want those in the same types of relationships to know they can do it on their own if they really want what’s best for their child. I have a soft spot for any homeless, hungry or hurting animal and have always given to those causes. I’ve often had animals abandoned at my jobs and have gotten them necessities, bathed & fed them while I’d see their personality and then find them a home – until I found a Pitbull. I’d never been scared of a dog, but I was a little scared of this one since I had heard so many bad things. Turns out the reputation of pits is so untrue, as they’re the sweetest most loving dogs! They get a bad rep because they have a high pain tolerance which is why they’re used to train to fight, but they don’t naturally want to fight or hurt anyone. It is sad that their reps make them not allowed in apartments or most rental properties so they end up abandoned which I now advocate on housing them.

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